Guilt-free Chocolate

February 11, 2010

I have to be honest. I’ve fallen behind on my chocolate tracking. Quite honestly, I’ll never give up the brown stuff and monitoring my every bite takes a bit of the fun out.


Make a lump sum donation up front and then enjoy guilt-free.

With Valentine’s Day speedily approaching, why not make a $25 donation to the Breast Cancer Society? Think of it as your get out of chocolate jail free card.


Return from Holidays

February 2, 2010

Okay – whatever points I have left have been used up. I just returned from holidays and had to throw caution to the wind so to speakā€“it was holidays after all. Game is back on starting tomorrow.

Being on holidays did help me relate to all those who don’t like tracking every morsel of chocolate that enters their mouth. Why not buy yourself an early Valentine’s gift and make a $25 donation for a guilt-free indulgence in February?

Donate for the Cure

I know I’m not the only one eating chocolate.

Watching Disaster Unfold

January 16, 2010

Yes, I used to get upset anytime I watched disaster unfold. But now that I’ve become a parent I find listening to anyone’s loss almost unbearable. I’ll admit, sometimes I even find it hard to watch an episode of CSI when a child is in danger.

The recent earthquake in Haiti is the largest natural disaster to occur since I’ve become a mother. I’ve sat glued to my television set in horror as reports of children being trapped under rubble, missing family members and collapsing prisions take hold of my emotions.

I tell myself not to sweat the small stuff, then find myself doing just that. I’m more on edge. I snap at the littlest thing my husband does (or doesn’t) do. My children (God bless them) drive me crazy.

I finally realized that it’s my feeling of hopelessness amongst all of this suffering that is putting me on edge. Although there is little I can do, I can donate money. As I clicked the send button to Red Cross, my tears finally started to come. Although a donation is very little in light of such an horrendous event, the action of doing something enabled me to move beyond the annoyance of inactivity and allowed me to feel. To feel the love I have for my family and to acknowledge at least a little of the hurt that is currently going on in Haiti.

A donation is not much but if everyone does something small it can at least help get care, food and water to the hundreds of thousands that are currently suffering.

What does this have to do with chocolate? Not much other than for the next week my tax (and then some) will be redirected to Haiti. God Bless.

No comments yet

January 16, 2010

Guess my husband doesn’t read my blog – BUSTED. No comments on my “hidden” chocolate stash.

Another chocolate pitfall

January 15, 2010

Maybe not, but finding chocolate chips buried in the cupboard definitely does. Another $.

Total tax $21

One more tax dollar spent. Should birthday cake really count?

Chocolate Free

January 12, 2010

Chocolate free day – even resisted chocolate cheesecake at dinner tonight.

Haven’t been as good? Pay up your chocolate tax for breast cancer.

In an effort to conserve household funds, my husband has decided to “hide” all of our chocolate and hand it out to family members as he sees fit.

What he doesn’t know is I had my own stash. HAD being the key word. I finished it off (another $4) and am vowing not to restock.

(Now I’ll know if he actually reads my blog.)

Tax total? $19

Chocolate Tax Payment

January 7, 2010

3 more $ spent.

Since the minimum donation is $25 I’ve decided I’m actually eating more chocolate just to get a donation on the BCRF board. Maybe if I pay first, eat later it will slow me down.

So, with $15 in taxes owing (it is only January 7, right?) I decided to pay up. Now I’ve got $10 in credit.

Care to join me and get things started? Pay Your Chocolate Tax

Chocolate Boob Tax has been officially launched with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Just got to Eat Chocolate, Find a Cure and click on chocolate tax payment.

Unfortunately the minimum charge is $25 so you’ll need to track your chocolate indescretions and pay up at the $25 mark.

Want help keeping yourself honest?

Write to us about your chocolate indulgences.

I’m guilty of another $2 today (thanks for the chocolate peppermint bark Julie).

Total tax count: $12